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We’re living in an era of unprecedented change in the media world. Technology has altered the way consumers engage with each other and with content, and the way marketers interact with consumers. Established media and communications companies are abandoning old business models, and transforming their businesses. New players are emerging to take advantage of shifting consumer, advertising and marketing trends. The organizational chart of the last century—in which power and influence are concentrated at the top of the pyramid and pressure is exerted downward—is no longer viable.

We formed Blinkhorn, L.L.C. because traditional, retained executive search simply doesn’t work in this new environment. The search process today isn’t about filling a box on an organization chart. It’s about defining a senior role when there is no org chart, understanding the skills required when there is no playbook, and accessing the best and brightest executives who are embracing the future of our industry. It’s about identifying leaders who are effective in a highly uncertain time.

Our sole objective at Blinkhorn, L.L.C. is to serve the rapidly changing and converging technology, communications and media industries. We’re passionate about media in all forms across all platforms, and excited about the leadership impact we can bring to your business.